Creating a new UI framework with OutSystems.


UX Design, UI Design, Front-End OutSystems

What we Delivered:

UI Framework

What we brought along:

Front-End OutSystems

UI Design

UX Design

The Briefing

Deliver Better OutSystems Applications

OutSystems wanted to develop the user interface and deliver a high quality product without the need of futher expert skills.

The Gamechanger

Build a UI Framework

Hi Interactive and OutSystems partnered to build a User Interface framework to guarantee consistency, speed of development, responsiveness and support. This allowed the low-code developers to easily build interfaces with great UI just by drag-and-drop. The Silk UI framework has pre-built templates, samples and patterns.

The Process

Pre-built Patterns and Themes

We sifted through dozens of the most used apps in the world in search of the best patterns and themes. Now developers just have to drag-and-drop them, to get the same amazing look and feel. The new UI framework has pre-built common UI patterns and components. Patterns cover the most used UI patterns and interactions in mobile and web apps, to promote consistency and scale in the development process.

Evolving to the OutSystems UI

OutSystems recently launched the OutSystems UI, an upgrade of the Silk UI, to help UI/UX experts and developers to build beautiful user interfaces for enterprise-grade apps. These applications have fully customisable responsive templates and UI patterns. We have collaborated with OutSystems in the UX design of the new framework and we continue to give feedback to optimise its performance.

The Deliverable

The Results

What the client got:

The Silk UI framework solves 80% of the use cases. This framework can accelerate the speed of development up to 300%. Our UX and Front-end experts helped to optimise the new OutSystems UI and our motion designers crafted an animated video.

How it worked out:

The Silk UI framework was a huge sucess and it surpassed all the expectations. The framework has been evolving into the OutSystems UI, that is integrated in the OutSystems platform, currently used by thousands of applications worldwide.


Great experiences = happy clients.


Great experiences = happy clients.

"From the experience that we have working with Hi Interactive, they get into our vision, they bring new ideas and in the end they deliver. They do strive for excellence in whatever they do. In the end Hi Interactive is a partner in our success."

Gonçalo Veiga

Director of Product Experience

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