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Illustration, Animation

What we Delivered:

Explainer Video

What we brought along:

2D Animation


Wizzio platform

The Briefing

Simplifying Communication

Novabase needed a solution to promote their brand-new Wizzio® platform and to easily explain what the platform could do, without getting in too much detail. Together, we decided that an animated video was the way to go.

The Gamechanger

Possibilities Over Technicalities

As our goal was to raise awareness among marketing and IT managers, we focused on dealing with the complexity of the product itself. We wanted the audience to feel engaged in the first seconds by relating to the story (and not disinterested by the technical details). The answer was to focus on how Wizzio® solves problems and empowers customer delight.

Wizzio customer journey
finding solutions to bank line waiting

The Process

Motivation to Find a Solution

Everyone has at least once waited in line at the bank: it is a moment of frustration that anyone who is trying to improve user journeys can relate with and it provides the motivation to find a solution.

Stories are Better with Metaphors

Understanding the client and learning how to make the project unique is key to project success. The client told us that Wizzio® worked for banks like a maestro works for an orchestra - this idea for a metaphor was music to our ears. Not only did we use the orchestra metaphor to represent what Wizzio® does, but we also continued to use music-related metaphors to explain exactly how it works and integrates with banks' existing systems.

Wizzio orquestra metaphor
animation based on slight movements and details that made all the difference

Bringing the Story to Life

The illustration style for this video needed to be engaging and relatable. We designed the characters and scenarios that were, most of all, expressive, complemented with bold, small-ranged colours. The animation was based on slight movements and details made all the difference.

The Deliverable

The Results

What the client got:

An animation to promote Wizzio® at WebSummit 2017 and other fintech-related events. An easy, engaging way for prospect clients to understand the platform even without a salesperson.

How it worked out:

The video was highly successful at the event. People stopped by and asked more information about the product. People said it was much easier to understand the product after they watched the video.


Great experiences = happy clients.


Great experiences = happy clients.

“We did a test with some customers: first, we explained what wizzio was - they were like ‘Okay...’. Then, we showed them the video and their response was ‘Ah! That’s what this is all about!’. I believe this is the best way to represent the work done."

Paula Gonçalves Matias

Head of Marketing for Financial Services

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