Uplifting Banco Montepio’s digital communication.

Banco Montepio

UX Design, UI Design, Development, Animation

What we Delivered:

Campaign Visuals, Landing Pages, Explainer Videos

What we brought along:

2D Animation


UI Design

UX Design

Motion Graphics

The Briefing

Awareness and Consistency

The banking industry is facing continuous changes nowadays, so Montepio needed to keep up. We helped them to ensure a consistent and engaging communication throughout all media channels – we uplifted their homepage, created campaigns (for new or updated products) and gave a special touch to their landing pages.

The Gamechanger

Different Products, One Brand

We mainly focused on the visual coherence of every element – the buttons for a landing page and the animation for a video had to be visually related. The goal was to achieve a balance between seeing the big picture and attending to details. Every message should be clear and visually engaging.

The Process

Understanding the History

Banco Montepio already had a long journey of communication. This means that we couldn’t just go and make brand new things, but we had take into consideration their tone of voice and legacy. Our work was to slightly, gradually stand out while respecting the bank’s visual and storytelling history.

Empathy is Key

In order to guarantee a successful creative execution we walked hand-in-hand with the client to make sure that our ability to create new ideas and visuals was in line with their vision. Iterations are inevitable, but they always work out for the best. No one knows more about the business than the client himself – our job is to take their vision to the next level.

Promoting Innovation

One of the projects we worked on, "Mealheiro Digital", involved an app feature, a video and a landing page. We brought in the concept of having true digital transformation of the piggybank concept. Just like with a real piggybank, you now find a new area in the app where you could save money for your personal projects.

The Deliverable

The Results

What the client got:

Improvement of the website's user experience. Creative concept and coherent communication pieces for several marketing campaigns.

How it worked out:

This collaboration resulted in many success cases for the client. Montepio communicates effectively, consistenly and reduces the campaigns and digital product's time-to-market.


Great experiences = happy clients.


Great experiences = happy clients.

"What I most value on the Hi Interactive team is the close relationship and the high quality of the work they deliver. That is a strong point, because I notice they care, they research, they validate with the users before presenting the final version and implement it."

Bruna Nezello

Web Manager

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