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What we Delivered:

Website Experience, Complete Configurator

What we brought along:

UX Design

UI Design


The Briefing

Improving Navigation and Usability

Hi Interactive was asked to develop a digital platform for Honda Automóveis Portugal to maximize the user experience and create a car configurator that would perform great in all devices. We focused on improving the navigation experience and the platform's usability. Another requirement was an easy-to-use content management system to give Honda full control over their content.

The Gamechanger

Enhancing the Digital User Experience

Honda designs and builds cars that are reliable and adapt to their drivers. The challenge was to translate the brand's approach when designing its car's driving experience to the digital channels. Hi Interactive developed an intuitive and complete car configurator to help the user put together his dream car. We also built a calculator that provides detailed cost estimates for any proposed car loan. By offering Honda's potential customers an intuitive website navigation and a seamless digital experience, we make them more prone to schedule a test drive.

The Process

Getting to Know Honda's Customers

Hi Interactive's UX team put together all the information regarding the users' behaviour, navigation and needs. In a second phase we looked for solutions, organised the information and designed sketches and wireframes to visualise the complete path that users follow across the website. The configurator is a deciding factor when choosing a Honda car, so we focused on building a great tool. The user can choose everything from model, colour and trim to the interior and optional extras. Visually modern and clean, with a simple and intuitive interface, the configurator makes it possible to access all the information in one screen.

Designing the User Interface

Following our methodology, we created the user interface graphically inspired in the brands' principles and designed animated interactions. The graphic behaviour and the level of sophistication of the interactions met the requirements and principles defined in the UX phase. One of the key elements in Honda's website that sets it apart from the competition is the use of motion design through digital interactions.

Implementing the Technology

In the end the development team put together the technical requirements and began to materialise the project choosing the best front-end and back-end technologies.
Honda Automóveis Portugal got a new website that offers an amazing experience to its users that is unmatched anywhere else.

The Deliverable

The Results

What the client got:

A huge increase of interactions within Honda's website, skyrocketing the average time on page to more than 3 minutes. An incredible low bounce rate of 10%.

How it worked out:

Honda saw an improvement in the user experience that significantly increased the engagement rate and the lead generation.


Great experiences = happy clients.


Great experiences = happy clients.

"Hi Interactive successfully understood what it feels like to be part of Honda’s family – adrenaline, power and passion – and translated that into a beautiful and engaging digital experience that delights our customers and helps us to achieve our business goals".

Joana Alves

Communication and PR Manager

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