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Dinheiro Vivo

VR experience, Event Interactions, Immersive Stories

What we Delivered:

VR Animation Experience

What we brought along:

VR Animation

The Briefing

Ideas worth sharing.

Dinheiro Vivo, a recognized portuguese economics newspaper, wanted to create a space for entrepreneurs to share their ideas as an “elevator pitch” but with a twist – instead of going in an actual elevator, entrepreneurs would enter a VR Experience where, inside a virtual elevator, they were given 30 seconds to pitch the potential of their business.

The Gamechanger

When virtual becomes reality.

Entering this experience, the user had to feel it was genuine. We knew we had to create a realistic environment that could pass on a futuristic and cool look, in order for entrepreneurs to feel motivated enough to share their ideas.

The Process

Creating the environment.

We had to keep in mind that the user, within a VR Experience, has to feel comfortable with distances, visual and motion. The dimension of the elevator, being a confined space, should be realistic without looking too big or too small.

Lighting puts it all together.

It’s important to take into consideration that the lighting on a VR Experience is crucial for its success. We also need to keep it controlled in a way that it isn’t too bright for the viewer, since technically the user’s eyes are only some millimeters away from the device, and ignoring this detail can lead the audience to an uncomfortable experience.

Wrap it up with sound.

The sound design was key to complete the environment. What’s an elevator without the so called “elevator music”? Complementary sound effects help convey the notion of movement as well as indicate when the pitch starts and ends, respectively.

The Deliverable

The Results

What the client got:

A VR Experience for the Web Summit event that allowed them to position themselves as drivers of digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

How it worked out:

Several entrepreneurs were excited to pitch their business ideas – each experience was filmed and will be up for voting later on.


Great experiences = happy clients.


Great experiences = happy clients.

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