Experiencing the future of mobility in 360º.


VR Animation, Illustration

What we Delivered:

Campaign Concept, VR Animation Experience

What we brought along:

2D Animation

VR Animation


The Briefing

User Journeys in 360º

Our client wanted to cause an impact on potential partners, showcasing how far their technology could go. Thus, their goal was to immerse their target audience in the possibilities of the future of mobility and make them feel empowered by it. VR was the perfect match.

The Gamechanger

A Turnaround in Storytelling

Our main goal was to create a story that could be believable and relatable. After a brainstorming session with at A-to-Be, we focused on their true business goal: to create awareness for what their technology could do in the near future. We bet on a storyline that shows how A-to-Be provides technology for the MaaS providers to impact their users’ mobility and satisfaction.

The Process

More than 3D

Of course, the video needed to fit perfectly in A-to-Be’s already defined visual identity. To achieve this coherence, we created an illustration style that matched their visuals, took the rules and visuals of 2D animation and applied them to a 3D environment in order to create a unique VR experience.

Considering Every Angle

It was crucial to keep in mind that in VR side stories are not an option. As the users are able to look at the story from every possible angle, the elements of the video had to work from all points of view.

Follow the Sound

Considering that the user would be able to look away from the main scene, using spacial sound was decisive to maintain the story’s integrity. Even if the users looked around to see secondary scenes, the sound would always help them redirect their attention.

The Deliverable

The Results

What the client got:

A VR experience for brand activation in mobility events. A simple way to showcase their potential to prospect partners and enhance their technological identity.

How it worked out:

At the MaaS events, people who tried the VR experience would not only be excited about the story but also clearly understand what A-to-Be was and what it was committed to do in the future. The VR Video worked out better than other branding materials.


Great experiences = happy clients.


Great experiences = happy clients.

“We managed to engage people, enticing lots of curiosity about the products we offer and the services we enable. And, in this sense, the video was a winner and that is why I claim it exceeded the expectations.”

Francisca Simões de Almeida


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