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transformation by

Hi Interactive.

We are proudly working to transform businesses.

Official Partner 2020

Hi Interactive proudly helped design the new NextStep app. For the first time ever totally remote. Together, we helped to build the future of the NextStep.

Like other businesses, yours is now facing digital disruption. Why?

Because recent changes in the world are turning customers' expectations higher, making them demand more from your business digital platforms.
You need to start following the digital transformation to stay on the front!

The solution is OutSystems technology.

That’s the way to get the results you want.
And with an experienced and multi-skilled team, you will get that extra plus to bring your business to the next step!

At Hi Interactive
you find that team.

With the best solutions for your business needs and goals.

UX/UI for OutSystems

UX/UI designers specialists in creating experiences and idealizing interfaces that overcome users’ expectations.

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Front-End for OutSystems

Low-code experts in developing architectures that simplify systems and processes.

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Highlight for OutSystems

The best Design System Manager in the market. Increase development efficiency and improve apps building across channels.

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No one can predict what will happen in the industries 5 to 10 years from now.
Low-code growth until 2022
By Forrester
However, we know that you need to have low-code technology that can rapidly adapt to new business requirements. A scalable technology, that allows you to create faster time-to-market projects that keep you on the front.

Our partners are aware of that.
And they trusted us to get the job done.

Here are some cases you can take a look at.

Health Industry
The UX/UI in OutSystems

The best experience design, and perfectly consistent screens! A better digital experience for your users.

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Bank/Financial Industry
The implementation of Design System

The real experience booster for your project. Faster time-to-market and a complete documentation with reduced development costs.

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Insurance Industry
The Front-End for OutSystems

Driving the future of user experience. A better design, aligned with the best experience you can secure your success!

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