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Last Update

August 16, 2018

  • Fixed layout responsive issue;
  • Updated components to new OutSystems UI Version and fix some UI styles;
  • New componet Custom Select with multiple selections;
  • Card Project - new placeholder for price.
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Design Kit
Font Awesome Library
Lato Family Font

Let’s Start!

In this Design System you can find all the necessary assets to maintain a coherent and great brand. We have spoken.


All the editable files and references in one place, so that you can be sure that your brand lives just like it should.


Everything needs a good foundation to work properly. Would you create a house without foundations? So, why should you do that for a brand?


All those dev problems will be stories from the past. The Design System will make it so easy to update and maitain your web content.


Still creating the same pages from scratch that should look all the same? Templates will help you speed up. This is the way.


Still looking for that editable file to share with your team or agency? Look, they're all in one place. Downloads, downloads everywhere.