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When you are working with a brand you have to follow certain rules, such as using the brand typography, colors, etc. The moment of choosing the right photos is no different – pay attention to the following recommendations in order to maintain the brand consistency.

Type of photos, Background and Mood

There are three main categories in the company photography style: office, portrait and technology. In the office category it’s important that the photos show a little of what is our work process inside the company. You should opt for generic shots of meetings or brainstorms and close-up shots of employees participating in the tasks that are happening in the room, interested and happy. You should avoid photos of bored or upset employees. In the portrait category try to use close-up shots of one or more people. Just like in the office category, choose happy-looking people – we are a joyful company and we should look like it! Give preference to photos with a plain background. Last but not least, the technology category, just like the name says, includes photographs of technology-related products. Yes, you guessed it: robots, drones, small devices like mobile phones or smart watches and computer equipment. You should opt for close-up shots of the product or products. The background should be blurred out in order to give full attention to the product and avoid distractions.