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Tone of Voice

In everything we do, we aim to bring focus and clarity to teams without distracting; so our logo and symbol are direct, clear, and impactful.


Our communications (both B2C and Internal) are made in english. The language should be simple, jargon-free, clear, straight-to-the-point and whimsical.


For Team & Talent:

We treat our employees just like any other audience – only different! For our team and for talent acquisition, we don’t have to be so uptight as when we are closing a business deal or pitching for investors – we are more free and fun. We know we need to be motivational; to convey messages metaphorically in order to make them last longer on our employees minds. Never forget, however, to keep communications ethical and simple.


For Business:

When talking with clients and prospects, we know how to balance the seriousness of business with a dose of our very own optimism. We talk honestly and directly, with a clear goal in mind. When we talk about product we get a bit more technical but we never jargonize our communication. So you can say our communication is practical with a hint of good humour.


Bring on the joy! Acme is a company based on culture of added value and proactivity – our goals are measured by the happiness of our customers and employees. So you can say our personality reflects our mission as a company: loyal, optimistic, communicative and modern. Always ready for new challenges, Acme is constantly looking forward to make new clients and friends.


The name Acme was born from our business goals – action – and the fact that they can be customized to every customer – me. The correct pronunciation is ak·mee. When writing the brand’s name, don’t forget to check your caps: always write Acme (and not ACME, Ac Me, etc.).