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Colors should always be used in meaningful and intentional ways in order to crete patterns and visual cues.


Main colors of the brand

Hexa: #5BD0F6

RGB: R:91   G:208   B:246

CMYK: C:55%   M:0%  Y:0%  K:0%

Hexa: #7DE1AA

RGB: R:125   G:225   B:170

CMYK: C:45%   M:0%  Y:45%  K:0%

Hexa: #8050DD

RGB: R:128   G:80   B:221

CMYK: C:65%   M:70%  Y:0%  K:0%


Secondary colors

Hexa: #FFB839

RGB: R:225   G:184   B:57

CMYK: C:0%   M:30%  Y:88%  K:0%

Hexa: #FF007F

RGB: R:225   G:0   B:127

CMYK:  C:0%   M:100%  Y:15%  K:0%


Color for fonts

Hexa: #1C1E29;

RGB: R:28   G:30   B:41

CMYK: C:80%   M:70%  Y:50%  K:50%

Hexa: #3B3E4D

RGB: R:59   G:62   B:77

CMYK: C:75%   M:65%  Y:50%  K:40%