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That’s our claim, there are no impossibles in Front-end OutSystems. And we at Hi Interactive are the ones to put this myth to bed!

In fact, developing in OutSystems is perceived as a fast and effective way to build apps. The use of low-code and the very reduced use of hand-coding helps to solidify this thought. Besides, the fact that it is so fast and allows people who are not developers to build apps efficiently. And this is what sometimes makes people think that it is restrictive when you are trying to create more complex apps.

Here you’ll have the chance to demystify all that. As well as make the assumption yourself that you are able to produce, fast and efficient OutSystems apps, with all the complexity you wish, without any limitation.

The possibilities are endless! Hence, low-code gives you more time to create. Saving you the time you’d spend doing the same repetitive hand-coding development.

So, let’s take down this myth, step by step.

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If there are no impossibles in Front-End OutSystems what makes people think otherwise?

First, let’s begin with the basics, what’s like to do Front-end development in OutSystems low-code platforms? 

As an OutSystems developer, you can develop and deploy rich web and mobile applications that integrate with existing systems and scale effortlessly. All that in a faster way and on a single codebase. That’s what makes it the real game-changer.

In other platforms, when they come across with OutSystems, it’s an all-new field of possibilities and solutions to put the design into coding. However, when constraints arise, the developers tend to question low-code simplicity. That’s when the impossibles in front-end OutSystems start to haunt you! This can be overcome with the help of experts in low code.

Actually, we are here to show you exactly that there are no boundaries in low-code and that’s why the OutSystems platform is the ultimate tool for developers. The possibilities are there you just need to find them, or to ask for help from front-end OutSystems experts.

How can not exist impossibles in Front-end OutSystems?

The thing about people thinking that there are impossibles when using OutSystems is related to the fact that this is a different way to do front-end development. So it can be a little misinterpreted and be seen as a “take-away” app building platform. False! Although OutSystems platforms give you just the positive side off app building, it doesn't give you the limitations that are sometimes associated with this kind off tools. So let’s see what you have to do to produce some quality work using it:

1- You need the expertise to overcome your front-end OutSystems impossibles:

Besides the claim that OutSystems allow you to have an easier and faster time-to-market, you’ll need the expertise to produce good and complete work. Because, the more complex it is, the more know-how and knowledge about it are required. That comes with experience in the platform and a lot of training!

You can do these complex jobs, don’t get me wrong, however you need experience using the platform in order to have a better output. Having that you are ready to take off and ready to put the design into coding as you wish!

2 - The component library is the real deal:

The time you save, with this tool, attached to the cohesive experience. All that on top of a better and faster way to build apps, among all the digital products you have in your company.

The component library gives every developer an upper hand on producing a great output in app-building. And, of course, a good way to get through some of the front-end OS impossibles smoothly!

We at Hi Interactive, to satisfy a gap existing in this matter, have developed our Design System. The one tool to have app creation much more integrated and scaled. Giving the possibility to produce these so-called apps as a team and without any obstacle or limitation.

3- See hand-coding as just an appendix:

It’s not that it is becoming “démodé”, but we are coming across time were app-building is becoming a simplified process. That allows more people to join the process and make it an embracing process. This will later reflect in more innovative apps. Which, let’s face it, it’s what you want!

We can develop Front-end OutSystems without impossibles!

Working together it’s much efficient than working alone. And when it comes to impossibles in front-end OutSystems working with us is a plus!

Our front-end experts have the kind of “skills to pay the bills”. We gather background and expertise like no others, given the best Front-end components to the game using OutSystems platforms.

Every team allocated to every project has the ability to this called “more complex jobs” and give the best results for every business we work with.

Our development team is constructed in the base that every project is faced with the same level of dedication, gathering the savoir-faire and experience-power to get you to exceed the impossibles with front-end OutSystems development and get you the project done.

If you have the interest to know more about our front end skills, you can download our recently launched ebook, in which we talk about one of our greatest specialties in terms of Front-end Development in OutSystems platforms, the Design System! 

Want to know more about how we can develop your project to the next step? You can reach us out on our contact page


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