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3 main advantages of our Front-End OutSystems revolution

Nowadays if you want your digital projects being user-friendly and done quickly you need a Front-End OutSystems revolution. This happens to everyone that wants a digital presence for their business. Owning a website, a SaaS or even an app gives business credibility.

Yet, digital platforms, online interfaces, and user interaction, as well as visual communication are always evolving accordingly with the user requests. So, if your business depends on digital platforms it’s important to keep up those wishes. And to do so you need to get your projects developed faster and easier. Front-end OutSystems revolution gives your projects the boost they need.

Revolutionizing Front-End
Revolutionizing Front-End

How can front-end OutSystems revolutionise your process development?

At Hi Interactive we thought about your issue and we created a Live Style Guide just for front-end OutSystems optimisation. Doing so we kind of started a front-end OutSystems revolution!

Being aware of the importance of a style guide in the development methodology. Because it assures your brand consistency and sets the digital standards and rules for projects´ improvement. We gave “life” to the elements that follow all the requests presented in a style guide, creating a Live Style Guide that is revolutionising front-end OutSystems.

In other words, our live style guide is a set of elements based on brand guidelines and rules that are already developed and the only thing your developing team needs to do is use them. That’s why we say it’s alive!

The 3 main advantages of this front-end OutSystems revolution for your project

  1. Building codes for the basing interfaces and predefined rules elements required by the brand take time and effort from th development team. But our solution, in addition to the visual rules of the brand communication, includes code elements that were created based on those same rules. So front-end coding will no longer be a challenge! This is revolutionizing front-end outsystem! Our Live Style Guide saves time and troubles for developers. Now they can focus on projects’ building accordingly with your business logic.

  2. We know that the visual rules have an impact on user experience and user interface development. Those rules are crucial to maintain and assure visual quality and design consistency whenever a change is required! When we create our Live Style Guide we took into account interface design patterns and themes. Why we did that? Because a front-end OutSystems revolution was needed! Now your developers’ team has access to recurring and reusable elements that will solve common design issues during the user interface development. Now your digital platforms interfaces can be updated and redesign easily always in compliance with brand rules.

  3. In process of creating the Live Style Guide, we also thought about how to save your business money and time. Front-end OutSystems revolution brings you a component-based of user interface reusable elements ready-to-use that will speed up your team workflow. Our drag-and-drop solution not only fosters your project it also crafts a future-friendly foundation that your organization can change, expand and evolve over time to improve the user experience.

Live Style Guide OutSystems pack
Live Style Guide Pack

Our front-end OutSystems revolution applies the principles of low-code to UI and UX providing a Live Style Guide solution that will accelerate your project development process.

Find us at Next Step OutSystems Amsterdam and we’ll be glad to answer your questions about our Live Style Guide. In the meantime take a look at our revolutionizing front-end OutSystems teaser!

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