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João Prior


Hi Interactive talk at EVA Festival
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The bond between students and professionals is extremely important in every field, but in a fast moving area like the digital world, it gains even more importance. Hi Interactive is proud to keep such a role, and in the same example as our participation in ISCTE’s Marketing Journeys, we participated in the EVA Festival, dedicated to video and digital arts.

EVA took place last April (18 and 19), at ESAD Leiria. This school, Escola Superior de Artes e Design, is part of Leiria’s Technical Institute, and is one of the most important design and digital arts school in the country, forming more and more students every year. Once again, Hi Interactive is partnering with the academia to bridge knowledge.


In its 7th edition, the event occurred for two days, with talks, exhibitions and workshops. The subjects approached focused on storytelling, including animation and illustration, UX/UI design, digital tools, and creative directing.

Hi Interactive participated in the morning of the second day, with a talk on Digital Communication.

This talk developed several important points regarding communication in the digital era such as:

- Illustration;

- Animation;

- Motion Design.

Everything begins with storytelling, its needs and purposes. Using illustration to state facts and explain them in an unique way. Illustration can be completely customised to the client needs, carrying at all times the designer style for a unique twist. It also allows the use of metaphors in design, which is a very useful tool.

Animation was also approached as the next natural step in digital communication. Its main characteristics and steps, such as continuity, trajectory, reaction and hierarchy took the spotlight, in practical examples developed by Hi Interactive.

For motion design, the main point was clearing up that it’s not only good for transmitting messages. Motion design becomes the message itself, for combining several storytelling elements that are able to simplify complex messages to the users. This enables a closer relationship, very important when trying to get a message to be heard, understood and memorised. One of the statistic data presents to the EVA attendees was that 40% of people retain visual information much better than text information, increasing further engagement.

EVA Festival keeps being a great opportunity to establish a bond, and to provide new information and practical examples to the future professionals in the field of digital communication and website development.


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