Hi Interactive and Motion Design: Building a Career

João Veríssimo


Motion Designer Career
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Last April, Hi Interactive had the opportunity to participate and integrate the group of speakers at EVA Festival. This festival, devoted to video and the digital arts, took place at ESAD Leiria, one of the most prestigious schools in the country devoted to the digital universe. It’s always interesting to connect the academic work to the professional world.

Many of Hi Interactive's professionals are trained in this school, which turns the participation at the EVA Festival even a greater occasion to create these bridges.

While the conversation in the talk revolved around motion design, it’s interesting to get several perspectives from students and teachers, connecting them to active designers. How do students feel about motion design and its role in their future careers?

The main characteristics highlighted were the flexibility and diversity in motion design. Elga Ferreira, a professor at ESAD, spoke about captivating the students through motion design and how they must be involved since the early stages of storyboard until the final art. Comprehension and focus are much easier achieved.

Hi Interactive is devoted to the digital world and creative industries. For that reason there is always a close relationship between professionals and students, helping them to develop skills. At Hi Interactive this happens in a close-knit environment, where communication is encouraged. In a discipline such as motion design, like it was mentioned in the video above, this teamwork is fundamental.

The family environment and team spirit are the main aspects that Hi Interactive team members highlight, always with a healthy dose of ambition. Collaborating with each other helps setting the difference in the digital world, while creating solutions for the client’s problems through design.

The partnership between ESAD and Hi Interactive has been praised for the success in helping student adapting to a real life, fast paced, work environment. These partnerships are important for all parts involved. So, training students, showing them how the market works, what are the goals of the company and, especially, the importance of the user – the people using the products – is key.


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