4 Things You Should Consider When Developing Your Website

André Ramalho


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The websites are quite specific communication platforms, where the look and feel have an important role. Find out how you can improve this interface’s effectiveness.

What is your brand’s personality?

In order to communicate, we need to know our business as if this was a person. Establishing the personality of a company is a vital step to develop a communication plan. Is it outgoing or solemn? What tone does it use to speak? How does it treat its customers? All these questions, and some others, must be approached to ensure that its communication tools are consistent, not only between them, but with the corporate identity of your business.

Website development

Different companies, different websites

Different businesses require different communication approaches. A lawyer website cannot look like a cooking website. In other words, the look of each must refer to the field of business in which they operate. This way, the user can quickly identify if that is the website they are looking for.


The visual decisions on your website must mirror your company’s personality. But they should also be based on other factors, like, for instance, what message it wants to convey, User Experience (UX) and graphic design. Regarding the latter, elements like a the color pallet, uploaded images, page layout, the fonts to be used and the general appearance of everything must be taken into consideration. All these points are relevant, since 94% of people cited web design as the reason they doubted or rejected a website (Source: Go-globe

Defining a concept before you begin to develop your website is also quite important. Like any other means of communication, this digital support will spread your brand. Therefore, it must be thoroughly thought to engage the user.

Engaging throughout ux


The user can also feel a website. Feeling is also part of looking. When you see a texture, you imagine what you would feel if you happened to touch it. Likewise, a design can be cold, smooth, hard like any other object that can be touched.

To feel a website is also related to the process of navigating it and achieving the tasks you want. The dynamic response of a website will be the factor that determines if you have a good feel or not. In this case, several factors are taken into account, such as the speed of opening an image, the time it takes to load a page, sound effects, among others.

Mobile ux feeling

4 things that should be taken into consideration

We will mention a couple of points that you should consider when developing your website. Obviously, there are others. The team entrusted with developing your digital platform will develop, alongside you, the most relevant content, so that you have a website that suits your needs. However, we want to present a couple of issues that you should consider: 

1 - Quick websites, happy customers and company

We all know that nobody enjoys losing time and time is a valuable commodity nowadays. Therefore, if your website takes a long time to load, more often than not the user will just give up. On the other hand, if everything is quick, the customers will easily find what they want and purchases will be finished hastily. The size of the uploaded images is essential for a proper functioning of the website. If these are too large, it will slow the platform down. To circumvent this problem, you should use minimized files and/or use platforms like Google Developers , to help you optimize the website’s overall performance;

2 - Use the right style

The colors you choose in this platform must be taken into account to provide the user with a good experience and communicate your brand’s personality. You need to create nice contrasts and realize if institutional colors are the most recommended option. If you have to communicate with young people, strong colors are a good choice. The same is valid for the font, which should also reflect what your brand represents. It also needs to be legible and adapted to the environment, given that a printable font may not be the best to read on a screen.

Colour choosing in ux

3 - Get a good user interaction

A good experience on a website strengthens the possibility of having the customer back on it and having them spread your brand. The study of UXWireframes and user tests allows you to improve the points that were regarded as problematic, to ensure that the navigation of the website works properly and does not raise any questions. The usability testing must be continued, even when the website has been online for some time, using platforms like Hotjar and Google Analytics. This way your customer will always find what they need, with the best experience possible. 

4 - Your website has to be in tune with your brand

Your company’s communication must follow a common thread. Your website should be in tune with it, while it must also abide by the brand’s institutional values. This support is less ephemeral than, for instance, a Facebook post or a press release. Thus it needs to be thought in a way that ensures long-term consistency with your brand’s personality.  

Website tuning with brand personality and values

Why should we improve the Look and Feel?

The look and feel of a website is the impression that the user will have from this platform, so it must be attractive, properly organized, fast and has to fit the company’s overall framework. Some websites have a better functioning if they are serious, others if they are noisy. The important thing is to be in tune with the brand’s identity while, at the same time, we achieve the goals expected by the customers. To improve these aspects on your website, make sure that there is a positive user experience, since this will be converted into sales and your brand’s promotion.


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