5 Reasons you Should Invest in an App to Increase Engagement

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Reasons Invest App Engagement
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The digital world is the number one source of consumer information. The companies which assume a user-friendly stance are virtually those that witness an increase in their ROI. Where does your company stand in this?

Online: the real world of communication

Consumers have dramatically changed their behaviour. The number of hours they spend on the internet has been increasing on a yearly basis. New ways to find information and new ways to buy products/services have emerged. This technological age has clearly left its mark and drastically changed marketing and communication. E-commerce became more important.

A paper with graphs in front of a laptop

Digitally speaking

The digital platforms are the places where the consumer looks for products, where they get information about the experience of other users, about the competition and about the best way to purchase a product/service. The online realm is where the first contact between the brand and the customer is established, and so companies have to adapt themselves to the market’s demands to simplify e-commerce in order to generate more sales.

The network of social networks

Nevertheless, the digital world unfurls itself through different platforms, and so keeping a strong presence in all of them is not always easy. But we must never neglect online communication and digital marketing, particularly if we want to increase the consumer’s engagement.


Look around you. In your car, in public transportation, wherever you are, someone is using their mobile phones or a tablet. Whether they do it to take photographs or to navigate the internet, it is impossible to deny how important these gadgets have become worldwide. According to a study of IMRG, mobile devices are accountable for 45% of the e-commerce visits of websites. This growth is so significant that, according to what can also be read in this study, Google changed its algorithm to index apps as a search result.

The new leaders of communication

This proves how apps have increased their importance for consumers and businesses. They allow you to create an interaction between the brand and its users, generating and keeping an audience, instead of having to start from scratch with digital marketing. They are also a privileged platform for e-commerce. In other words, they represent a way to increase engagement and sales. Just to have an idea, some of the world's largest companies rely exclusively on their app as a platform for communication and selling to their targets, something that for instance happens with Spotify.

Spotify displaying in a smartphone

The return

Applications are an interactive and straightforward way through which the consumer can establish a relationship with the company. When you simplify this process, you are exponentially increasing the sales opportunity, which will have an impact on your ROI.

5 reasons to develop an app

There are several reasons that define apps as an essential communication tool for a good marketing strategy. Let’s enlist some:

1 - The engagement era

Regardless of your business, ensuring that your consumers can get in touch with you is something vital. An app allows this sort of availability, and so your customers will feel that you are always there. For instance, you can simplify this contact, creating the possibility to make orders, book restaurant tables, send gifts, or what fits your business the better;

A Smartphone taking a picture of a skyscraper

2 -  Direct Marketing in a direct way

Applications are a way of spreading information about the characteristics of products/services. All the information you want to provide to your target can be spread in a matter of seconds and, when you consider that to be relevant, you can do it through push notifications (from prices, promotions, etc.); 

3 - Paper vouchers are so 2000

In an era in where everything is immediate, apps are a great way to hastily offer promotions, vouchers or other bonuses which may be used online or in physical stores. This type of actions also brings more downloads, in other words, more brand awareness.

4 - Greater recognition and a better e-commerce

Apps, when properly outlined, are regularly used by the target. The more you engage your consumer, the greater the likelihood of a purchase. On top of that, when your brand’s icon is on the device’s screen, the person will see it several times, making them more acquainted and open to your company;

Five shopping paper bags

5 – Close relationships

Physical and digital communication is everywhere. Highlighting communication is not always easy amid so much noise. When you develop your app, you create a direct connection with your target, without any interference from the competition, bringing you closer to your consumer.


App's are part of the consumer’s digital life. Ignoring them is losing a business opportunity and a privileged channel of communication with the consumer. Make the most out of this tool and upgrade your business and sales!

If you want to lean more about how you can develop your company's app and take the most out of it, let's talk.


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