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After five days of Mirror Conference we came up with a major insight: digital project teams need to start thinking about designing development and developing design. Why? In any digital product building all development is design-based and web design is development-out. Saying that we can’t have one without the other.

So to achieve better user-centered digital product, capable of delighting its users, web design and development have to be combined in the creation process. Although, traditionally they are entirely different roles since there are some things on a digital product that only a designer can do while there are other things that only a developer can make. Still, at times, web designers and developers, they both need to work closely and collaboratively on the very same project because they’re like pieces of a puzzle which need to match perfectly and flawless.

Vitaly Friedman on Bringing Personality Back To The Web
Vitaly Friedman's keynote about "Bringing Personality Back To The Web"

Why should web designers and developers work together into the same project?

The main reason is simple: to create a more complete digital product from look to user interactions to the user experience.

What are the five key benefits of web designers and developers working together?

1) Teamwork creates magic
If web designers and developers start working together on the same digital product from beginning to end the result will be a more cohesive and coherent finished project with better UX/UI and clean code, where all the parts look like they belong and fit the aesthetics perfectly.

2) Teamwork speed up the project completion
With web designers and developers working on the same page, remaking and reworking features during the digital product development process will be less.

3) Teamwork eliminates possible flaws
Having a second set of eyes to analyze the digital product all the way through the process it will likely reduce mistakes. Preventing possible flaws in earlier stages of the digital product development process can avoid unnecessary technical complications and nerve-wracking.
Hence, this can result in a more unified digital product which will boost a more complete experience for the user.

4) Teamwork enhance brainstorming
By collaborating, web designers and developers change and merge ideas and insights alongside during the full project development making a more rounded vision of what the digital product should be. This can improve creativity and, on the other hand, avoid discord between them and the final digital product itself. Also, both can understand what each one expects to be created and how feasible that can be.

5) Teamwork fosters project goals
A regular interaction between web designers and developers will prevent issues fixing. Consultation between both will show more fruitful to refine changes that will get better results and still maintain the consistency with the project goals. Also, if both work together this will help them to stay away from infeasible ideas.

Amber Rose on Designing Calm Technology
Amber Rose's keynote about "Designing Calm Technology".

Therefore, the collaboration between web designers and developers will result on the creation of great digital products which will express a good compromise between: aesthetics (that will help to bridge the gap between the users’ emotions and the product) and functionality (that offers an enjoyable user experience).

No doubt web designers and developers can together be more likely to satisfy the users and the client, because they can bring them a beautiful, intuitive, reliable and performance digital product.


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