Digital Interactions: Value and Process

João Veríssimo


Digital Interactions
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Digital interactions hold important pieces to their success and the value of it, the process and the payoff needs to be a bit deconstructed. When approaching digital interactions we must refer to motion design, the creative art of putting graphics in motion.

Motion design is so important because as humans, we perceive movement in a natural, intuitive way. Look around for a few minutes: the apps on your phone, the ads on TV, the website you have open; all of these scenarios benefit from the fact that they move and that they are animated. Adding the fact that the users can interact with those same apps and websites increases engagement and proves the importance of digital interactions.

Animation through motion design makes for a simple, direct, user-friendly and user-focused product. It’s a tool to build successful interactions, making the experience easier and immersive; something a static layout doesn’t allow. It is also useful in creating a certain hierarchy for the client, giving him/her directions, which is very useful for the user’s interaction to go as planned.

Important to note that on a more technical route, speed is also a crucial element. Considering all other characteristics and advantages of motion on digital interactions, speed is completely responsible for a good visual experience, assessing the importance of the action/reaction required by the user. No room for boredom or waiting, in digital interactions.

In the video below, Hi Interactive’s Head of Digital Communication and Lead Motion Designer, João Veríssimo, talks about this subject.

The main aspects to consider from the development of digital interactions with the users are:

- Digital interaction(s) is the area that has been expanding the most in the digital universe;

- Thinking and designing in motion is key;

- The user’s interaction with the interface, the user’s needs must be taken into consideration;

- Aside from the user’s needs, first and foremost it’s very important to understand the client’s needs, establishing the best communication possible between client and design, animation and implementation teams.

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