Awwwards Amsterdam, Get Ready for Us!

Ana Oliveira


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Awwwards is bringing thought-leaders from Product Design, Product Management, Design, UX and Development to Amsterdam on 14–15 February. Hi Interactive’s Digital Experiences team will be completely immersed in top-notch inspiration for 2 days in the Digital Thinkers Conference.

Old bike on a bridge in Amsterdam by Nick Scheerbart
Photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash

The world is changing quickly and, along with it, so are the design paradigms, the kind of projects we embrace, the technology we adopt, our daily tools and processes.

As designers willing to make a difference to our clients and users, we must stay ahead, in the front line of those changes. It’s easy to get addicted to a process that has worked in the past, but we need to be constantly re-inventing ourselves in order to (at least aspire!) to be future leaders. Events like this promote the time to «stop — learn (and think on what you’re doing and how) — and go!».

For a long time we’ve been following the Awwwards.

What is the Awwwards Conference in Amsterdam?

For those who aren’t familiar yet, Awwwards is a professional competition where top design and development is recognised and showcased (and I can’t hide that we’re proud to be part of some awarded projects made in partnership with Unit9, like Expedia + Visit Britain or The Magicians for Syfy).

Every time we start a new project we look for sources of inspiration and take some insights regarding:

- What is the concept of excellence these days?

- Who are the best in the field?

- Where are they innovating?

- What can we learn from them?

And finally, we ask ourselves before starting anything: How can we achieve excellence in this project?

Looking to the Digital Thinkers’ Conf. schedule, I know for sure that we will give special attention to the subjects of User Experience, Design Thinking, Digital Brands, Product Design, Illustration, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Development. (At Hi Interactive we know that the experience is the outcome of multiple disciplines combined.)

The speakers are industry leading professionals working in some of the most successfully companies in the world. Every single talk is unmissable.

Our expectations

Here’s what we’re expecting to take away:

- Great stories we can learn some lessons from;

- Future trends in design and technology;

- Network and share our experiences;

- Having tons of fun doing all the above!

In the end, I’m pretty sure we will leave the Conference with more questions than answers. If that happens, we know our trip has succeeded!

And if you see some cool bunch of guys with a smartphone on a tripod, it might just be us! Come and say Hi!


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